Monday, June 11, 2012

Actual update: Travel day and first-day orientation

Bonsoir à tous,

I apologize for the lack of an actual update, but due to some spotty internet and fatigue, I was unable to post a decent update.

So, the day we all left. All in all, the departure went very smoothly. After 11 of the stagiaires and myself made it from Indy to Chicago, we met up with Larry and then awaited the arrival of the other 21 stagiaires before making our way through security and preparing ourselves for the long flight ahead. While waiting, we had the opportunity to chat with some native French speakers who were also on their way to Paris, and even take a group shot.

After our long flight, we hopped on the bus and headed out to Saint-Brieuc, which, although long, ended up not being as long as we thought. Nevertheless, everyone managed to catch some shut-eye. (Sleepy photos below!)

Once at Saint-Brieuc, the students grabbed their luggage and we all eagerly awaited the arrival of the host families.
Le car

After their host families arrived, the stagiaires spent the weekend with them, catching up on sleep and participating in different activities that I'm sure your stagiaire will be excited to tell you all about.

Following the weekend off, the stagiaires and the instructors all met up again today to go through another orientation in order to reacquaint themselves with one another and the program. During the orientation, we did fun activities, such as 2 truths and 1 lie, 2 successes so fair and 1 challenge, etc. We also passed the time with the "human knot" challenge. Below are several images concerning this particular activity. Aside from the activities, we also had some time to discuss how well everyone is adjusting to la vie française and how things were going with the host families. (From what they've told me and the other instructors, they are all very excited and pleased with their placements!)

They also had some time to play a game called "Ninja", which I had never heard of, but is apparently all the rage.

This pretty much concludes the update for now. I'll be sure to update periodically.

Bonne journée,


p.s. We'll be heading out on our first excursion this Friday, so I will be sure to post a new entry either Friday night or sometime on Saturday.

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  1. Great photos and great update! Thanks, Jamie!