Sunday, July 15, 2012

3rd Excursion: Dinan, Dinard, and Saint-Malo

Hello all!

I apologize for the slight delay in the update; we're becoming increasingly more busy as the program reaches its end. Regardless, let's take a look at what we visited on Wednesday the 11th:


Dinan is beautiful walled city located about an hour or so away from Saint-Brieuc. If you would like to know more about the history of the city, I've cleverly made the heading of this section into a link to the city's tourism website that gives you a sneak peak of not only the history, but also the layout, interesting things to see, etc. While in the city, we had the stagiaires split up into groups of four and gave them a chasse au trésor (scavenger hunt) to complete. Below you will see some general pics we took during the trip as well as some of the items on the scavenger hunt.

Quite the steep ascent!
The stagiaires making the climb.

The heart of  Bertrand du Guesclin

Group photo in front of du Guesclin's statue!


After our trip to Dinan, we hopped back on the bus and headed to the small city of Dinard. Although we did not stay very long, everyone enjoyed a few minutes of beach time (no swimming, as it was rather chilly!) and got to see a statue of Alfred Hitchcock and the inspiration for the house in the movie Psycho.

Hitchcock with his birds
The Psycho house

Group photo on the beach!
Of course, with group photos on the beach come hilarious jump-photos as well:


(Sorry that the site for Saint-Malo is in French.. there isn't an option for an English version, at least not that I saw. Here is the wiki page if you're interested in the city!) After our trip to the beach, we headed off to Saint-Malo, birthplace of Jacques Cartier, and many other famous figures. Saint-Malo, much like Dinan, is another walled city with much to see.

The square you see is actual a sea-water pool.
Here is a close up.

M. Cartier himself
The tomb of François-René de Chateaubriand.
A fort that is only accessible by foot when the tide is down.
After Saint-Malo, we all returned back to Saint-Brieuc for a good night's rest.


Aside from the excursion, we also offered a couple optional activities this past week that were a blast to say the least.

On Thursday, the 4 instructors and about a dozen stagiaires took another trip to the Aquabaie swimming pool which features not only pools, but also a couple very fun slides. Due to the unfortunate side effects of water on technology, we have no pictures to commemorate the occasion.

Those who were interested also enjoyed an afternoon of Bowling or Cinema on Friday.

Heading to the cinema/bowling

Waiting in line to buy tickets for the film!
Bowling group photo
Putting their game face on (sorry about the quality!)


In other news, as you all know, there is only a little over a week left of our séjour here in France, and although everyone is undoubtedly excited to see their friends and family again, I think that the idea of leaving so soon comes with a bit of sorrow as well. Before the end, however, we still have our farewell show and our trip to Paris! I'll be sure to update sooner this time with videos and pics from our end of the séjour party.

à bientôt !


P.S. If you check out the previous blog entry concerning the défilé de mode (fashion show), there are now links to the videos I took of each group!

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