Monday, July 9, 2012

Visit to City Hall, and a little dessert

Bonjour à tous,

As you all well know, this past Wednesday was the July 4th, and although some of the stagiaires were missing the food and fun that comes along with it, we enjoyed a visit to Saint-Brieuc's city hall.

Upon arrival, we all gathered outside on the steps for a group photo and a quick chat with local journalists, one of whom knew the man who played a key role in founding our program, Erling Hanson.

You can see one of the articles written about us here: Des stagiaires américans reçus à la mairie (The second one sadly requires a subscription.)

After our photoshoot we went inside where a couple quick speeches were given (by our coordinatrice, Mme Blévin, me, and one of our stagiaires, Kate).

The profs and coordinator watching Kate give her speech

Then, the stagiaires participating in the chorus graced us with a couple songs (which you can see below. As these videos are of the stagiaires, I've made it so that only those who know the link can access them).

Following the lovely singing, we enjoyed juice, snacks, a lot of picture taking, and conversation for a bit before heading home.


In other news, Amber's culture course gave the students a chance to express their inner fashion star this past friday. The students had to dress themselves in their French best, explain what they were wearing, and strut their stuff on the catwalk.

Below you find three links for the three videos I took of the défilé. (I apologize for the shakiness!)


Today, on the other hand, marked our final concours de desserts, so we spent a nice half hour or so enjoying delicious French desserts, after hearing the story behind them.


I do believe that is all for now. Wednesday is our excursion to Saint-Malo, Dinard, and Dinan, so I will be sure to update later this week to show you all the amazing things we'll be seeing there.

à bientôt


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