Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Daily activities, Breton dancing, and more!

Hello everyone!

I meant to post an update at the end of last week, but due to a lack of internet connection, I was unable to do so. With that said, I will attempt to fill you in on what we've been up to the past week.

Last week on Monday (June 25th), we had our first concours de desserts. For this event, each stagiaires is charged with making a dessert with their family that we then bring to school for everyone to enjoy once classes are finished. They were also asked to find the story behind the dessert (if there is one), and to acquire a copy of the recipe for future enjoyment. In attempt to avoid an overwhelming amount of desserts, we split the concours into three parts according to the color of their group (red, white, or blue) and decided to have 3 different days for the concours (the 25th, yesterday, and next monday). Last Monday was the Blues' turn, and MANY delicious desserts were brought and enjoyed:

Then, this week, we enjoyed the Whites' desserts:

We eagerly await our final concours this coming monday (July 9th)!


Apart from the concours, we have also been busy preparing for the end of the séjour farewell show. While each stagiaire will already be participating in either theatre or the chorus, we have decided to supplement our acts with some short skits, which will act more or less as commercials. Below you will see some promos of what they've been cooking up:

Some pics from a different day's rehearsal:


As I mentioned above, we have also been working on a couple plays and numerous songs for the farewell show. Since Amber and I run the theatre portion, I can fill you in a little on what we've been doing. Due to time constraints, we typically spend our theatre time rehearsing and trying to better understand the slight nuances of the language itself. Below you will see a couple pictures of our repetitions:

(I hope to get some pictures of the chorale soon!)

Finally, this past Friday, we had an really fun night of traditional Breton dancing. Below you will find 3 links to 3 different videos of the dancers that came to demonstrate and then teach us the steps:


All in all, we have been having a great time and everyone is shocked at how fast the time is flying by. Only a little over 2 weeks left before Paris! Madness!!

But yes, tomorrow is our reception at City Hall, so I will be sure to take some pictures to commemorate the occasion and will surely be updating soon.

Bonne journée !


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